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Ulatus is currently looking for experienced translators and reviewers to work with us on a freelance basis for our Japanese<>English translation service. We are currently hiring translators for the following subject areas: 1. Disaster Studies 2. Law 3. Psychology 4. Medicine Freelance translation for Ulatus will enable you to leverage your knowledge in a corporate setup and work with a dedicated, friendly, and interactive team. We provide secure and interactive interface for our freelancer team to work in a flexible environment. We assure, you will find Ulatus as a platform to engage in and enable your passion about effective communication. In case you are interested, kindly fill our Recruitment Application form - http://www.ulatus.com/translatorapplicationssl.htm We hope you find this opportunity interesting. Thanks & Regards, Rachel Dawson Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Recruitment Coordinator, Ulatus

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Japanese > English,
English > Japanese



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