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We are an international communications company looking for regular translation services from/to English to the following languages: Sinhala Tamil Bengali Urdu Persian (Farsi/Dari) Arabic First, and most urgently, we have require two surveys to be translated from English: #1) 1500 word survey into Persian, Arabic and Urdu #2) 15000 word survey into Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhala and Bengali Following this, we would ask for regular monthly translation service of 2 x 2000 words in each language (6) news articles translated to English. I would send the articles for translation monthly. Please indicate if you are able to provide these services and, if yes, provide a quote and any questions to provide the above survey translations. We are trying to accomplish this urgently and have translations complete by next week at the very latest and hopefully this week if at all possible.

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English > Tamil,
English > Bengali,
English > Urdu,
English > Persian,
English > Arabic,
English > Farsi


Translation, Revision

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