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Dear Sir, The attachments are for your reference. And the author will provide the data of statistics. If you need database, we can provide the username and password for you. There is no limitation about the number of the references. The description of the files? ? The words of “Assessing….are two pdf files for your references. ? The files of “summary and writing strategy” and “The possibility of fund evaluation” are for you to read and edit the manuscript, as well as to add references. ? wu16.doc is the paper finishing the biological statistics. ? “GPV in finance” only has statistics methods, however; the application on fund evaluation has not been finished. The requirement of the author? ? Please use the file of “GPV in finance”, and please refer to the “Introduction of the file “ult16.doc”, adding the application of fund evaluation in the test, and then edit to finish the file of “GPV in finance”. Please quote and inform the working day required. Thank you very much in advance.

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